ESD Services

At Great Utopian, we also provide services related to ESD at your company, from consultation to training.

ESD Consultation

We provide expert ESD consultation for your company, in compliance with the industrial requirements.

ESD Training

Our specialists are able to train your team with the ESD requirements and preparations of certifications.

ESD Certifications & Audit Preparation

Providing assistance to prepare for ESD audits, including control practices checks, problem area identification, and action plan recommendation.

ESD Onsite Testing (Compliance Verification)

Checking for the effectiveness of the ESD equipment at your site and suggesting possible improvement methods where needed.

ESD Lab Testing

Checking for the effectiveness of the ESD equipment in laboratories. Click to find out more about our lab setup services.

Expert Consultation Service

Our resident ESD service team are trained and qualified for consultation, training, and audit preparation with relation to static control. With experience in semi-conductor and electronic manufacturing environment, we also provide assessment, qualification checks, and troubleshooting services for your company.


Our trained ESD Association Certified Assessor and iNarte Certified ESD Engineer, who can help your company with ESD management.


With over 20 years of experience, we have helped up to 30 companies in Malaysia & Singapore with ESD services.

HRDF Certified Trainer

The training courses conducted by our team are claimable to Malaysia's Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Registered Employers and Companies.


Audit preparation & training are compliant to industrial standards such as S20.20 & IEC61340.

We are here to help you

Find out more about how our ESD services can help you and your company.