ESD Part Bin

The Mega ESD part bin is an ESD-Safe Parts Bin. This bin is permanently molded in a conductive Thermoplastic Polypropylene for use in cleanrooms and workstations. These bins offer a static resistance of 10^4 – 10^9 ohms/sq. These bins are best used between 40°F – 225°F (4.44-107.22°C), with intermittent use at the higher end of the temperature range. Each bin includes a label insert area for easy identification and can hang on most louvered panels or rails.


Product Description

*ESD Stacking Bin

*Injection molded, solid and durable.

*Ideal as assembly racks and storage system.

Model Outer size (mm) Inner size (mm)
MEGA PB401 200*130*90 175*110*80
MEGA PB402 175*105*80 155*  90*70
MEGA PB403 165*  95*70 145*  85*60
MEGA PB404   95*105*50   80*  90*40

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