Bio-Circle Bio-Rust

BIO-RUST F is a product for the fast and efficient removal of rust and lead contaminations from metals in the pH-neutral range. It removes slight rust films but also very thick rust layers.

The water-based cleaner and rust remover is eco-friendly and user-friendly because it is VOC- and label-free. Handling, storage, and disposal are possible without any problems. BIO-RUST F is low-foaming and hence universally applicable (in immersion baths and parts washers).

  • REMOVES rust, flash rust, and lead contaminations
  • CLEANS steel-, stainless-steel- and iron parts
  • Increases occupational safety and reduces operating costs ► VOC- and label-free under the CLP Regulation
  • Free from halides
  • Universally applicable ► low-foaming
  • Tarnish protection
  • Material-friendly ► pH-neutral
  • Ready for use

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  • in immersion baths at ambient temperature
  • in parts washers (BIO-CIRCLE Turbo, HTW) and ultrasonic cleaning devices at 30 – 60 °C/86 – 140 °F
  • Removal of lead contaminations from parts at 50 – 55 °C/122 – 131 °F
  • Cleaning times differ according to the level of contamination